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We began Rooted back in September 2017. Sat at Jenny's kitchen table with a blank piece of paper and a pot of Earl Gray tea. Neither of us were fully aware of the time, energy and perserverence building this project would demand of us and we suspect had we known, we would have simply enjoyed our cups of tea and left the paper blank and got on with our lives.

But we didn't.

We began and kept going and officially became a Community Interest Company in November 2019. This was a great achievement and we couldn't have done it with the support and encouragement of our family, friends and community. 

Being a CIC opens up the doors to access funding. Our project ticks the funding boxes for mental health, young people and education and we were delighted to secure some NHS funding to run 5 courses throughout 2019 - 2020. We have funding applications to fill out and hope for some more funding to come our way. 

It sounds like we're sorted doesn't it. 

But funding is increasingly uncertain. It's not an sustainable option and we can't be sure to secure the money we need to keep going. Because keeping Rooted going involves many hidden hours of work and it requires resources and it requires growth. 


We are really excited about growing our Rooted Community and would love you to be part of our journey. So how would your contribution impact our work? 

Each project we deliver requires a huge amount of admin time. This is carried out voluntarily by the two of us. Your gift would help cover some of this time we currently give freely. And any contribution you make would enable us to support, encourage and equip the girls who need it the most and help us to become more sustainable. 

We would be incredibly grateful for any gift you feel able to give. Either as a one-off payment or by monthly donation. You can donate to Rooted For Girls CIC as a direct debit directly from your bank to: 




SORT CODE: 60-83-01

As we are social enterprise and not a registered charity. Gift Aid is not possible. 

If you are a company that is interested in sponsoring us. Please feel free to get in touch via email. We have sponsorship packs we can send your way. 

Joining the Rooted family means that you get to plant well too. 

100% of the girls felt that Rooted had helped them value and look after themselves more. 


 "It's helped me grow more as a person and it's taught me how to deal with difficult situations" 


Rooted participant 2018




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