We believe that every girl is unique, of value and filled with potential. We wanted to create something that enabled girls to feel capable and empowered and that resonated with other therapy based provision. Rooted is a combination of all the deeply rich things we know are needed for people to thrive and we feel excited by its ability to cultivate strength, hope and purpose in the girls we work with.


Both Beth and Jenny are passionate about utilising the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors to support young people. Beth is a qualified Secondary Teacher and Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioner, Jenny is a qualified counsellor and member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). Their faith is at the heart of what they do and with their combined skills and expertise in the fields of Education, Counselling and Forest Schools Practice alongside their desire to facilitate resilience and growth in young women, makes for a programme that is unique, bold and impactful. ‚Äč








Seeds are packed with potential and with the right conditions can grow and thrive. At Rooted, we are seed planters and our course creates  a therapeutic environment that provides the nutrients needed for personal growth. 


We want the girls we work with to be planted well.





Once established, trees still require attention and care. The girls we work with are no different.


Rooted helps to establish an understanding of self and teaches what is needed to continue supporting growth through the challenges they will face in life. 


Each girl leaves the course with a tool box that offers practical resources and promotes ongoing change. 

100% of the girls felt that Rooted had helped them value and look after themselves more. 


 "It's helped me grow more as a person and it's taught me how to deal with difficult situations" 


Rooted participant 2018




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