We currently work with Secondary Schools within Bradford and the surrounding areas and use local sites within easy reach. 


Schools refer girls who would benefit from support with self-confidence, relationships and mental health. We work with groups of up to 8 girls at a time and the course includes a minimum of 10 two-hour sessions over a term.


Each session combines elements of: 


  • Psycho-educational learning 
  • Physical and creative activities 
  • Reflective practices


These are all effective evidence based interventions that reduce negative emotional experiences and increase resilience and coping strategies. 





We believe the natural world to be a powerful and significant place for those who spend time within it and through the unique combination of nature and nurture we believe we can bring about long-lasting change for the young women we work with.


In response to this we want to create a robust collection of research that offers insight into intergrated approaches that enable young people to thrive.  


This relies on close collaboration with the schools we work with and results in a final impact report that can be used to measure outcomes for the school. 


The data gathered from our first pilot study has been compiled into a report that we are happy to share with you and shows that many of the girls experienced a reduction of negative emotions and increased levels of school engagement and achievement.



We want to be part of the growing movement seeking to support a generation of unique and wonderful young women and want to work in collaboration with different organisations and school settings in response to the challenges girls are currently facing. 


Our hope to extend our provision to offer courses on a referral basis will see us create 3-5 day programmes during the school holidays and we are excited to be planning our first Rooted camp for girls this Summer 2019, which will provide a week of all the different elements that make Rooted so impactful and important. 


Effective, innovative, creative and compassionate provision is in great need and we want to make our mark as a powerful alternative programme that enables young girls to grow well and grow strong.





100% of the girls felt that Rooted had helped them value and look after themselves more. 


 "It's helped me grow more as a person and it's taught me how to deal with difficult situations" 


Rooted participant 2018




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